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                          Shanghai tianshun environmental protection equipment co.,ltd,located in shanghai-the most economically advanced city in china,was created in shanghai on january 2004 ,based on twenty years’development of the previous company. It is totally invested with 35 millions yuan and covers 25000 square meters, among which, construction area reaches 18000 square meters and its registered capital is 12.6 millions yuan. Our company has several patents, at the same time carry out research and innovation together with a number of colleges in china, constantly apply energy conservation and environmental protection to actual production. Our company attaches great importance?to the?training?of?personnel?and?the?introduction?of the mechanism, has over 10 professional engineers and over 30 middle-grade professionals, also powerful sales and service team.
                          Tianshun company’s market strategy is “based on shanghai and oriented to whole country “and its goal is “creating brand”,as so our sales network spread over the country.
                          Our company is devoted to do environmental protection, is a technology intensive enterprise integrating development, design and manufacturing, and has mainly produces unloader ,flat gate valve, flap valve, screw conveyer, an-mass conveyer, bucket elevator, ventilating butterfly valve, Pneumatic conveying system and pipeline , Bedroom chain dryer, Calcium carbide furnace dust cooling device and so on dozens of energy conservation and environmental protection equipment and accessories.

                          Tianshun company expect cooperation with you for brighter future!